the language of dreams

As you probably know, hieroglyphics were called "the words of God" and were mainly used by Egyptian priests. A separate script, known as hieratic, was used to conduct the business of everyday life. Hieractic was a quicker, streamlined form of hieroglyphic, often abbreviated to the point of abstraction.

However, few people know that this pictorial language was preceded by an even more archaic ancestor - what is now referred to as 'the language of dreams.' The american psychologist Julian Jaynes hypothesised that prior to developing consciousness the human mind was divided into two parts, one that spoke and issued commands and another part that listened and obeys. These subconscious edicts were given in the language of dreams. The language of instinct and and archetype, encompassing all fear and all desire. This language was then said to persist alongside the maturation of human consciousness. To give an example, when two people fall in love, they are said to speak a …

light and salt II

choosing what to think about. Choosing how to think. Does any of that sound familiar?
thank you for the men and women who had to work so hard to make this meal possible
Starting F1 is a lot like learning how to cook pasta. The first couple of times it's going to be a disaster. The first time I tried I left half the spaghetti poking out the water so half was limp like tofu and the other half was hard as nails. Then you put in too much water, or not enough water. Sometimes you burn the pan. But the point is, if you keep doing it often enough - no matter how bad you were at the beginning - if you put effort into learning from your mistakes, you're only going to get better at it. And then one day you'll find that you've somehow cooked just the right amount of pasta to just the right consistency and prepared just the right amount of sauce. And to your surprise you do it again. And again. And again. The downside is that for a while at the beginning you're going to…

wino forever


wonderful memoly


the history of illusions

Greetings future dweller.

I am writing to you from the year 2017. In the year 2017 everybody greets each other by saying 'Greetings'. It might be weird in the future but here it's totally normal. There are a few things about this era that may have changed by the time you read this.

Everyone is currently obsessed with themselves. We have things called selfie sticks which are retractable / extendable handheld devices, comprised of hollow telescoping cylinders usually a meter1 in length when fully extended and 1-2 centimeters2 in diameter with a gripping tool at one end to which you would attach your phone3, the idea being that an arm's8 length was not sufficient to capture a good image of oneself, so the selfie stick allowed more distance between the phone and the user. The user would then take a picture of themselves and typically send these pictures to other people or post them to a shared space for others to comment on or approve of. Probably the main reason for this is…

last train home